ExerciseFriends Social Site for Health and Wellness

ExerciseFriends was founded in 2006 as a new way for people to meet others who are “just like them” for exercise, diet or lose weight, get into better shape or stay fit, and just get out and have fun.

The site grew to one of the top exercise / fitness sites in the world and has had over 200,000 people sign up.

In 2011, ContingencySales joined the site and took over its direction.

The strategy for the site is for all features to be 100% free for members and users. It will support itself by selling goods such as books, jewelry, clothing, videos and partnering with others for the sale of their goods. All sales are for goods that are consistent with and supporting of health, diet and exercise.

All profits not required for site improvement will be donated to charities supporting animal welfare such as Habitat for Horses.

ExerciseFriends has been written up in national media for years about its success in helping people lose weight, get fit and in one remarkable case, become free from cancer. All media success came from members, not from ExerciseFriends.

Marketing Message And Mission

ExerciseFriends has a single, simple, compelling message:

Diets fail. Exercise programs started in January are almost always abandoned by June. But when you work out or diet with a friend, you achieve success over 95% of the time. Exercise with friends: a proven way to achieving the goals you’ve set.

ExerciseFriends is a meeting place for those who believe its core message—working out with a friend has health benefits not available anywhere else.

Trends ExerciseFriends Recognizes:

1. Obesity and overweight is not the major health risk in our society. Lack of exercise is. Studies continually show it is healthier to be fat and have regular exercise than trim and not have exercise.

2. More data appears monthly that regular exercise is the top preventative for the major diseases in society: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia.

3. As any society becomes wealthier, it becomes more health conscious. It also becomes more sedentary.

4. Most people do not make friends after high school or college. There is a need to find someone “just like me” for regular exercise, diet, having fun or just communicating.

ExerciseFriends supports the ContingencySales message that funding need not come from venture firms. Funding can come from books, videos, relevant third parties and support the mission of the site.

This is a charity site, growing rapidly, supporting itself with no outside funding.

More importantly, ExerciseFriends is collaborating with a major university to build a search engine that enables people to find someone “just like me (them)” so they can work together to deal with significant personal issues with a friend.