FAKE B2B LinkedIn Personas 1.0

Fake LinkedIn Personas


Fake LinkedIn Personas are becoming the rule on LinkedIn.

If you are a sales rep, you need a FAKE persona on LinkedIn.

Nobody wants to be just a sales rep.

People loathe talking to just a sales rep.  And many of our sales reps need to burnish their creds on LinkedIn because it is, after all, social media and social media demands that everyone be really important.

Fake personas are the fastest way to be important – if you are just a simple, peddler, sales rep, but need your pals to think you are really important, this is the place to do it.

There may be people out there who believe they want to hire a “disruptor” or “evangelist” so they go to LinkedIn — where one finds FAKE personas.

When they get there, they get to witness one of the truly great persona-inflation landing zones known to humanity.

Nobody is a B2B sales rep.

Transformation advisor, thought leader, best selling author, Chief Dreaming Officer.  Really!  Someone actually posted that.

Quickly the person looking for that B2B sales rep is confronted with the inflation of titles to a point where the person behind the name is unrecognizable.

Here is a short guide to help you out.

We posted this on LinkedIn and had a lot of fun with it.

Got a little hate mail so we knew we hit a nerve.  We are now collecting our Version 2.0 of the persona inflation.

Hope you enjoy this.

Every few weeks, new, more ridiculous titles appear and you can be sure we at ContingencySales will publish them.

Be Passionate, you Chief Dreaming Officer!