FAKE LinkedIn Titles

Fake LinkedIn titles for sales people so they do not appear to be sales people
Fake LinkedIn Titles For Sales People

FAKE LinkedIn Titles Sales People Use on LinkedIn

FAKE LinkedIn titles help people on LinkedIn hide they are sales people.

LinkedIn is where salespeople sell to other sales people.  Customers would not get caught dead there.

Do not take it seriously.

Do not believe for a minute you will run a social media campaign on LinkedIn and chat with the CIO or CTO or CFO of a company larger than the local UPS store.

Nobody important would be on LinkedIn talking with sales reps who are the same age as their middle child.

There are no buyers there except the ones buying sales training, sales platforms and junk they think will increase sales performance.

LinkedIn is a high school yearbook-like experience for those long out of high school.

LinkedIn sales people are “disruptors,” “digital transformation advisors,” philosophers,” “evangelists” and about every other nonsensical title one can imagine.

Their titles grow in importance and with more gravity as title inflation sets in.

After everyone in the DevOps space becomes an “agile advisor,” there needs to be a new, better moniker.

So the title inflation begins anew.

They are never just a sales rep.  A sales rep is a repellent phrase so they do anything they can do avoid it.

We at ContingencySales have a lot of fun with this because we like to make fun at the madness that is VC-funded, B2B selling today.

And we here at ContingencySales have a lot of fun with those titles.

So take a look at this translator on the right and you will know what you are dealing with on LinkedIn.