New B2B Selling Model — Obsolete Transaction Sales VP Types

New B2B Selling Model

B2B Selling Model
The new way to sell B2B is not through interruption marketing


The new B2B selling model is here.

days of interruption marketing are over in the B2B world.

Prospects do not want to talk with sales people.  They do NOT want to meet with sales people.

They want the information they download, without the pesky BDR (business dev rep) calling before they even read it.

But, there is an entire selling infrastructure of transaction Sales VPs, Marketing VPs, venture backed companies who must measure stuff.

They will measure the number of emails, the number of calls the number of breaths their sales teams take.

And they will continue to slide into obsolescence, make less and less money and eventually perhaps move to selling life insurance.

Here is the new selling model compared with the obsolete selling model.