About Us

Disruptive Technology Does NOT Need Venture Capital


Contingency Sales helps disruptive technology B2B firms get to market without early venture capital.

Since we bring disruptive technology to market ourselves, we share the sales and marketing strategies and tactics that work in the new world of B2B selling.

We are NOT in the sales, marketing or “how-to-sell-better” business.

We think the advice we read, particularly on LinkedIn (where sales people sell to other sales people and buyers never tread) is almost universally useless.

We are old enough to know Sales Ninjas, “we will increase your sales 800%” is all nonsense.

We offer our thoughts here because they work for us.

Since we have to find novel ways to get to business leaders at the very time they loathe talking to B2B sales people, we find innovative, value-seeking means of being invited to the C-level conversation.

Our portfolio includes Cloud-Sliver technology which delivers completely transformed legacy apps in a single business quarter while cutting IT costs 50% or more.

One portfolio company is developing similarity search for shopping and fraud detection.

Our team includes two former C level execs of Fortune 25 firms, 3 CEOs of Texas disruptive technology startups, 2 sales executives who ran billion dollar a year sales forces.

Our experience and points of view are that if you have a truly disruptive technology, you have alternatives to venture capital funding.

Those alternatives enable you to keep your wealth and share it with those who got you there — the early employees.

We have a point of view on selling, marketing and growing business-to-business (B2B) enterprise technology companies.

We believe the world has changed in tech sales.

Customers do not want to talk to sales people.

Marketing is almost universally SPAM-generated from DiscoverOrg databases using entirely useless Account Based Marketing (ABM) or other obsolete, expensive, time wasting and prospect irritating sales platforms and processes.

Our point of view is fundamentally different:

First, we only apply our thoughts to raw startups—companies who have few or no customers and have not done venture funding.

Life is different before you have your first few customers.

Second, we believe most traditional enterprise sales and marketing is a needless cost and a raw startup needs to understand that “conventional wisdom” for mature firms may be conventional stupidity for a disruptive startup.

Third, we understand there are companies desperately looking for new, disruptive technologies, who are willing to fund, without equity, raw startups that solve intractable technology problems.

These “early adopter customers” are the true path to success for the disrupter—one just needs to find them.

We have.

Fourth, we are perfecting several novel, go-to-market selling strategies that show great promise.

One of these, “trusted advisor” selling has brought one of our portfolio companies into 6 Fortune 100 firms, at the C-level, with virtually no up front expense, and in every case, the portfolio company’s product was selected.

Adopting bad sales and marketing habits brought by early VC financing creates the constant need for more capital, under the worst conditions, which leads to massive dilution and ultimately becoming an employee of a firm you thought you owned.

Venture capital firms make their investments do really stupid things fast.

Contingency Sales has proven there are ways to sell and partner your way to success rather than dilute your way to failure.

Frequently, we will take a disruptive technology from a prospective portfolio firm and add some technology from one of our existing portfolio companies–thus making it much more differentiated and bringing the product into our selling partner network.

The benefits are clear. Owners keep what they earn. Employees share in the success and the wealth that is created.

Our ideas are confrontational because they go against the conventional “wisdom.”

Our ideas are at odds with traditional sales management and VC types who believe all sales problems are “process,” “execution” or “messaging.”

Our thoughts apply to those with a truly disruptive technology.

They are not for everyone.