About Us

Disruptive Technology Does NOT Need Early Venture Capital

Contingency Sales brings disruptive technologies to market without early venture capital.

We are the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine when no fraud technology could stop on line auction fraud.  Our team built the technology for the TSA No-Fly list, preventing people from modifying their names to avoid detection.

Some of our technologies were used by the top 10 property casualty insurance firms to stop auto fraud rings.

Disruptive means something to us.

Every offering moves a decimal point – or more.  It is 10X faster, 1/10th or less the cost, eliminates 90% or more of the time to build a production app.  Decimal points matter.

Since we bring disruptive technology to market ourselves, we share the sales and marketing strategies and tactics that work in the new B2B selling world.

These are not for the “sales coaches” who prey on B2B sales managers selling obsolete tactics to mediocre talent.

We point out the absurd, nonsensical B2B sales methods that infuriate prospects, exhaust sales people, and universally fail.  Such practices are the direct result of over-funded, with VC dough, technology companies who could not exist if not for cheap money keeping them afloat in the hope they might one day be acquired.

We are NOT in the sales, marketing or “how-to-sell-better” business.

None of our services are for hire.  We only work with technologies where we have a personal interest or investment.

Our portfolio includes Fractal Programming delivering transformed legacy apps in a single business quarter while cutting IT and cloud costs 70% or more.

Another portfolio company developed similarity search fraud technology to identify industrial level insurance and credit card fraud when it happens.

We are developing a social engagement site demonstrating how complex profile search, using advanced search profiling, enables people to find others, just like themselves, on a wide variety of interests and traits.  The benefit is to increase healthy interaction among people and deliver a strike against growing loneliness.

Our team includes two former C level execs of Fortune 25 firms, 3 CEOs of Texas disruptive technology startups, 2 sales executives who ran billion dollar a year sales forces.

In 2021, one of our investments was valued at a billion dollars, by the venture capital team who tried to invest $100 million for 10% of the company.  While gratified, we of course turned them down.  You should too.

Our point of view is that if you have a truly disruptive technology, you have better alternatives than early venture funding.

Those alternatives enable you to keep your wealth and share it with those who got you there — the employees – and your family.

Venture capital firms often force the firms in which they invest do stupid stuff fast.

This includes hiring expensive sales and marketing teams who almost always fail, causing the founders to seek another capital round losing their equity.  And their jobs.

Current B2B marketing is almost universally SPAM-generation from DiscoverOrg databases using useless Account Based Marketing (ABM) or other obsolete, expensive, time wasting and prospect irritating sales platforms and processes.

Venture funded startups hire the over-the-hill LinkedIn grifters who sell sales training to the mediocre.

Our commentary concerns companies desperately seeking disruptive technologies, and willing to fund, without equity, startups that solve intractable business problems or deliver game changing competitive advantage.

These “early adopter customers” are the true path to success for the disrupter—one just needs to find them.

We do.

We have perfected several novel, go-to-market selling techniques delivering early customers without massive, dilutive marketing and sales teams.

One of these, “trusted advisor” selling brought one of our portfolio companies into 6 Fortune 100 firms, at the C-level, with virtually no up-front expense, and in every case, the portfolio company’s product was selected.

Contingency Sales proves there are ways to sell and partner your way to success rather than dilute your way to failure.

The benefits are clear. Owners keep what they earn. Employees share in the wealth that is created.

Our ideas are confrontational because they go against the conventional “wisdom.”

Our ideas are at odds with traditional sales management and VC types who believe all sales problems are “process,” “execution” or “messaging.”

Our thoughts apply to those with a truly disruptive technology.

They are not for everyone.