Alternatives To Venture Capital

Venture Capital is Not The Only Answer

Venture capital is often toxic for disruptive technology companies who do not need it, they just think they do.

Too many have watched programs like and think “we’ve been funded” is a good thing.

They do not understand the preferences VCs take.  Nor do they understand that VCs make companies do really stupid

things fast — like hiring a sales force, a marketing department, business development team none of whom can find the early adopter/innovator

who becomes the first customer.

There are alternatives.  If your company is not disruptive, if it does not truly move the needle 10x in a category or form a new category, venture capital

is probably your path.  If you are just a “nice-to-have” you will likely lose after multiple rounds because companies like these seldom succeed.

Venture capital is for you.

It keeps people employed for multiple rounds before the company is sold for scrap.  It buys logo-wear, pays for expensive sales launches, it is a lot of fun.

But, there is no equity win.  None.

If you are disruptive, think it through.  There are corporations who are looking for you but cannot find you.  These firms need some

disruption to get their business on track.  They will pay you early revenue if your technology can help them.

ContingencySales is all about “another way.”  It works for disruptive technologies.

It is not for everyone.