Confrontational Marketing

What Is Confrontational Marketing?

We believe about everyone in B2B marketing today went to the same MarCom school.  It was not a talent-rich place.  Their output certainly makes one think so.

Marketing should be about finding the customer looking for you.  It should NOT be about force feeding every hapless person who downloads a white paper one’s material with constant, intrusive phone calls, sales pitches and funnel measurements.

We understand buyers loathe talking to sales people.  We get it.  We do not like it much either.

So how do you get to the right person who is looking for that disruptive technology?

Confrontational Marketing.

Confrontational Marketing means we take a position.  We stake out a real point of view.

A recent such point of view is that MOST APPLICATION TRANSFORMATION IS FAKE!

There.  We said it. FAKE.  That’s right, application transformation today is mostly fake.

Go to the site here and read our POV.

And we are there to take a challenge and prove it in a public forum if anyone is up for it.

That drew attention to our Criteria List for a portfolio company.

We started to hear back that many people agreed.  Certainly business users agreed.

The customer looking for us saw the Criteria List and bought in immediately.

Thus, the customer looking for our company was able to clear through the useless noise, ads, logo-wear from the over-funded VC companies and find something they really needed.

We wrote about it in Software Executive Magazine.

That’s confrontational marketing.

And, it is really refreshing!