Disruptive Startup Strategy

Disruptive Startup Strategy

The singularly most important part of the disruptive startup strategy is understanding they are not addressing all of the market.

They are addressing 15% of the market, maybe more, that are innovators and early adopters.

These potential customers respond to entirely different stimuli than the later market participants.

Strategies must be built around finding the early adopters, getting them to engage, pay for the product and avoid venture capital.

These strategies do NOT use traditional sales tactics – Account Based Marketing, DiscoverOrg lists, selling to the CIO or IT, cold calling, and other artifacts of the Stone Age of sales.

Our marketing strategy is heavily influenced by the concept of CONFRONTATIONAL MARKETING.

You can read about that here on the site.

Our selling is based on “trusted advisor” sales techniques.

These take longer than cold calling, but have results not obtainable with cold calling, ABM and other nonsensical tactics.

We do not sell sales training, selling advice or marketing advisory.

We post what works for us and hope the industry adopts it.

Fortunately, the industry will actually ignore our advice or criticize it, which is what we expect.

If we ever start doing what the rest of the B2B industry is doing, we will fail like they fail today.