Sales For Disruptive Technology

Startup B2B Sales Is Different If You Are A Disruptive Technology


The industry is awash with sales reps who worked for the big companies, Oracle, SAP, VMware and EMC and hundreds of others.  They cannot sell disruptive technology.

If you take VC money, they will force you to hire a sales force like this.

There is a secret here:  These sales team could not launch a startup with a rocket launcher.

They come from the world where they have huge marketing departments, lead gen services, SPAM machines to pester every potential prospect.

And they almost always fail in a raw startup.

So save the dough.

Find other ways to sell to the early adopter, the innovator who is your first customer.

Our posts review many of the current sales fallacies.

Remember, if you are a disruptive technology, there is another way.